Villa le Prata dates back to 1860, the year of the Unification of Italy.

Garibaldi leads the Thousand and the Count de 'Vecchi inaugurates the Villa making it his own hunting lodge. It then became the country house of the Bishop of Montalcino until the early decades of the 20th century. In 1980, Massimo Losappio, chief surgeon of the Montalcino hospital, and his wife Marialuce, philosophy teacher, bought it to make it the family residence.

Since the 80s the company has always been run by the women of the family, first by Marialuce and Anna Vittoria, then since 1996 by their daughter, Benedetta Losappio, until 2014 when the company was bought by Anna Vittoria and Bernardo Losappio and it is Anna Vittoria who has been personally involved in the company in recent years. A company peculiarity is given by the choice of oenologists, almost always female; Today the production makes use of the precious advice of Doctor Graziana Grassini, an internationally renowned winemaker and teacher. Welcoming friends and relatives with good wine has always been a family ritual in Montalcino. Today we dedicate this pleasure to those who want to allow themselves time in beauty and well-being.