Wine cellar

Selected by hand and placed in the fermentation proces

the grape passes into stainless steel,

it ages in Slavonian oak and matures

in French tonneaux.

A story of love and gratitude


The winery was built in the late eighties by Gennaro Cocciardo, a craftsman from Ischia, who wanted to donate it as a sign of gratitude to Professor Losappio after the latter, taking care of him, had saved his life where other doctors had given him. ominous news. The building is located a few tens of meters from the villa, at the foot of the park. The artifact, with a typical Tuscan style, does not excel for architectural ideas, but was designed according to the needs of the time, when prof. Losappio made wine for himself and for his friends. On the façade, by Cocciardo himself, a terracotta Madonna was placed, also placed as a symbol of thanksgiving and devotion for the grace received. In the spirit that gives impetus to every action of the owners of the company, this winery will not surprise you with its beauty but, to an attentive eye, the fundamental concept cannot escape:

“D’Amore si Vive”